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Public Service Announcement.

Beatles Stories - it’s streaming on Netflix.  I’ve been smiling and crying the whole time.  Do it. 


Natasha: Cause this shit is like “Teen Mom” times six.


Natasha: EXACTLY.

Mary: That would just EAT your insides.


Mary: And BREAK you.

Natasha: Because after you have a kid and LIFE BELONGS TO SOMETHING ELSE.

Mary: Something that KEEPS trying to kill itself!

Natasha: You are no longer Bella Swan running a Thinspo blog about Fangbanging down by that reservation….

Mary: You’re a husk of loose skin and lank hair.

Natasha: Yes.

Mary: Fetus vs. Baby.

‘Breaking Dawn’: The Dress, The Vampire, the Fetus and the Headboard BY MARY HK CHOI AND MEEEEEE!!!!

I saw Breaking Dawn Friday night and it was hysterical!  I was so heartened to know that the whole audience is in on the joke, except for the ladies sitting behind my friend and I who just kept saying, “I don’t get what’s so funny.”  YOU DON’T GET IT???  HE EATS THE BABY OUT OF HER AND THERE IS AN INSANE SEQUENCE THAT IS A WEIRDLY ECHO-Y CONVERSATION BETWEEN CGI WOLVES.

It was quite the experience.  

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Saw The Love We Make tonight - the doc following Paul McCartney gearing up for the Concert for New York following 9/11.  I thought it would be packed because most things at the Film Forum are, and Albert Maysles was going to be there!  Like, of the Maysles brothers, who did Grey Gardens! And Gimmie Shelter!  Holy shit!

There were about 15 people there. 

Which is a shame, because in days like these where everyone is fighting and unhappy and you can’t even bear to watch the news around people you associate with every day because you do not want to hear their opinions about anything if they are different from your own (that’s not just me, right?) it’s really something to watch people being so grateful just to have one another around.  Which is not to discredit the need of protest or the unjust way that these protesters are being treated - it’s just nice to escape into stupid love feelings and amazing love songs every now and then. 

I wish it wasn’t Friday so I could go to the movies myself tonight and feel no shame.

Finally watched Doubt after having the Netflix envelope sit on my bedside table for 3 weeks - it only came after I failed to switch up my queue quick enough, and then once it arrived, I still didn’t feel up to committing to anything so heavy, but I’m so glad I decided to give up on life today and watch a movie in my apartment despite the beautiful weather.  The acting is so amazing, it doesn’t matter that the subject matter is tough, I just felt kind of thrilled to be watching. 

I was recently listening to the episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast where he interviews Patton Oswalt, and they were talking about the Cohen brother’s A Serious Man - and Marc was so geeked up about it - seemingly because it was so familiar and they got it (it being Jewishness, the times, etc.) so right.  I saw A Serious Man, and I couldn’t muster up that much excitement because it’s not my experience - it’s built to be a movie that is great because of those little moments that you relate to - and I just didn’t relate having grown up with no rabbinical wisdom or Jewish experience at all.  

BUT having gone through 12 years of Catholic school - even though Doubt takes place decades before my time and I never had any awareness of priest scandals or anything of the like - the simple moments especially in the first 45 minutes or so - the nun/priest contrasts, the way the nuns talk to the students, etc. are just so “it” - that weird Catholic school/church/Irish thing that I experienced and heard about my dad experiencing, etc. that I felt amped just watching.

What I’m trying to say is, I really liked Doubt.  The acting/writing/art direction made me excited and gave me the desire to see more plays, take some classes, basically just made me want to exercise my brain a little bit.    

Harold and Maude

Wait a second… Does that mean it’s a two disc DVD and they’re starting me out with the second one? 

I saw The Godfather on a big screen tonight

As part of the Film Forum’s Pacino’s 70s week and jesus, how amazing.

If you like repeatedly feeling like you’re getting punched in the gut

You should watch Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father - Netflix knows me well enough to realize that I like pretty much everything i view to be as depressing as possible, so it recommended this documentary, and holy shit.  You do not disappoint Netflix.


The Sex and the City movie has broken some sort of groaning-in-disgust record in my apartment.  

Was there really a sub-plot where everyone couldn’t get over how fat Samantha got?  They throw a pint of ice cream in her hand and put her in a belly shirt and suddenly we’re supposed to buy that she’s a cow?