Welp.  I guess we go out on a sea of Chad Kroger gifts and ebola. 

Welp.  I guess we go out on a sea of Chad Kroger gifts and ebola. 

I just watched the documentary The End on Netflix - which the description does not make clear, but is basically the home movies made by the families of people who are dying slowly from cancer.  It is awful and had me sobbing in the fetal position for an hour. 

Now I am watching Funny Face and was grinning like a crazy person in the first 2 minutes. 

The magic of movies! 


@ConstantineNewz #AmericanIdol #ConstantineMaroulis great entertainment for @LoveHealsNYC


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I think my favorite way to spend a Saturday is by getting day drunk and then buying a lot of pizza and bringing it home and eating it by myself while watching TV for hours. 


Chris Farley, Bob Odenkirk, and Tim Meadows in an early version of Matt Foley motivation speaker sketch.

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Why can’t I find a Meadow Soprano fashion appreciation blog???


Y’all, Lisa Bonet has fucked Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa, and if that doesn’t make her an American Hero in your eyes, then you need to look at your life choices.

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On gross men, sexism, religion and Chicago

I was in Chicago last weekend visiting some friends.  They’re an amazing group of women that I have accumulated through my life - some who I had met previously and some who I was meeting in real life for the first time.  It was a great time.  We ate over the top meals and laughed and drank and shopped and got sunburnt and laughed some more. 
When it was time for me to head to the airport my friend Lisa waited with me until I found a cab, then we hugged goodbye and I got in. 
When I said I was going to O’Hare the cab driver said that was strange because no one in the area I was in goes to the airport - it was apparently not a tourist destination.  I replied that, well my friend lived in this neighborhood and she lives by a really great authentic mexican restaurant that she wanted me to try before leaving.  Then the conversation turned into this:  
Him: Your friend, huh?
Me: Yep! Just visiting some friends!
Him: Did you go to the (gay pride) parade?
Me: Oh no, I didn’t make it, too worried about getting back to the airport on time
Him: But you just stayed with girls the whole time you were here? 
Me: What?  Yes, I was visiting friends. 
Him: No boy friends? 
Me: No, the friends I was visiting were all women.
Him: You don’t like boys?
Me: What? That’s not.. I didn’t say that, I just happened to be visiting female friends.
Him: But didn’t you go out? If you are in Chicago you should sample the local flavors.
Me: Gross. 
Him: Oh look at you, you’re like, “Who is this guy asking me if I had sex while i was here!” 
Me: I don’t know what you want me to say… 
I start to pop a piece of gum out of a Dentyne gum pack and he looks back because of the noise
Me: Do you want a piece of gum?
Him: Oh no, I’m fasting for Ramadan. 

Brb iPhone just exploded

Don’t even know what pomegranate pistachios could even mean. (at LaGuardia Airport LGA-United Airlines Central Terminal)