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I’ve never loved anything as much as I love this nugget of a middle aged, happy, wiggly, amazing lady that I adopted on Saturday. 

Every minute I’m at work all I think about is how I wish I were home hanging out with her.  

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I don’t understand why Jimmy Fallon, Ice Cube & Shaq also show up when I google to find out how tall Kevin Hart is?

Welp.  I guess we go out on a sea of Chad Kroger gifts and ebola. 

Welp.  I guess we go out on a sea of Chad Kroger gifts and ebola. 

I just watched the documentary The End on Netflix - which the description does not make clear, but is basically the home movies made by the families of people who are dying slowly from cancer.  It is awful and had me sobbing in the fetal position for an hour. 

Now I am watching Funny Face and was grinning like a crazy person in the first 2 minutes. 

The magic of movies! 


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I think my favorite way to spend a Saturday is by getting day drunk and then buying a lot of pizza and bringing it home and eating it by myself while watching TV for hours. 


Chris Farley, Bob Odenkirk, and Tim Meadows in an early version of Matt Foley motivation speaker sketch.

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